Emerging markets including Africa are building well-traveled road networks among themselves in a way that promotes commerce and keep supply chains long. Whilst Mawums recognizes that developing any market like Ghana does not just require good road networks, our operations cover other areas like dam construction and coastal protection.

Mawums has connected towns and cities with its road network all across Ghana. From Paga to the southernmost part of Ghana’s Cape Three Points, Mawums is engaged in the construction of trunk, urban and feeder roads and bridges annually with an average length of 50 kilometers.

The Ministry of Roads & Highways Ghana has registered Mawums as a major road contractor with A1B1 license. Mawums also acquired a D1K1 license from the Ministry of Water Resources, Works & Housing. Our team of road engineers and sub-contractors provide road and bridge construction, maintenance, professional engineering and surveying services whilst balancing safety, environmental protection and cost considerations.

Building roads inevitably requires building bridges. Sub-Saharan Africa being one of the fastest growing regions in the world requires first class roads and railways. Thus Mawums has positioned itself to play an active role in the construction of Trans-ECOWAS roads and bridges. Mawums bridge projects are planned by our engineers and sub-contractors.