Since 2010, Mawums has owned and operated a modern quarry at Shai Hills producing crushed stones, sand and amour rocks. From natural deposits such as granite and gneiss our processes create outputs such as stone chippings by drilling, blasting and crushing rocks which fulfill a range of business and consumer needs. They serve as raw materials to real estate, coastal protection and construction industries.

The company is in the process of establishing another quarry at Arigu in the Northern Region to serve the three Northern Regions of Ghana. 

International environmental standards are integrated into all aspects of Mawums quarry operations as part of being socially responsible to the targeted communities. Mawums combines expertise with delivery systems to ensure prompt turnarounds and seamless production services. Our haulage services deliver stone chippings and quarry sand to hundreds of projects and companies across Ghana.

Mawums reserves of aggregates ensure ongoing supply of quarry products to the best of our client’s expectations for the following projects;

  • Houses and Apartments
  • Roads, Bridges and Parking Lots
  • Schools & Hospitals
  • Commercial Buildings & Retail Spaces
  • Sewer Systems
  • Airports & Runways